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Registration for Sambandha Workshop this Kartika

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"We should try to understand the suffering of another. We should try to keep our own mood concealed, and try to accept and hear the other person’s mood. We should try to understand the happiness and distress of another. We should give up our own moods and hear the other person’s moods. Then, together, we can consider what to do. If we do not hear the other person’s mood, but rather keep our own mood prominent, this is not called ‘association’."
Tridandisvami Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

As we have all no doubt experienced, achieving the above is not easy. This is why Srila Gurudeva has encouraged us to meet during the year and during the parikramas to deepen our relationships.
"Classes and meetings should be held regularly, every week or every fortnight, or during the festivals, in order to get closer to each other and develop mutual love and affection. Everyone will benefit from these classes, which can be given by different devotees. There should be a great harmony among you. It’s through this harmony that you will be successful.”
Tridandisvami Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

Srila Gurudeva's heartfelt desire is that we always continue doing the parikramas and that we meet as a sanga twice a year, once at Navadwip and again in Kartik.
This Kartik we will be arranging a series of gatherings, all of which aim to fulfill these orders.
We recognise that how we think, how we perceive each other, how we listen and how we speak to each other determines the quality of our relationships.

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The seventh goswami, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, has written how the qualities of forgiveness, acceptance and patience are the cornerstones of ripening relationships where bhakti and seva can be nourished.
Therefore we are arranging a series of "sambandha" workshops throughout the month of Kartik. Literally Sambandha means "to bind or bond by assembling together"; we aim to serve you by offering voluntary three hour sessions during which the principles of good communication, developing excellent relationships and fulfilling our seva goals will be articulated, shared and, we hope, further realised.
Our two trainers are Sriman Ananta Prabhu from France and Srimati Madhavi didi from California, both long-term bhaktas and disciples of Srila Gurudeva with a wealth of experience in this specialised field over a number of years.
Some of you will be familiar with this kind of education. To allay any concerns or doubts please note that great care is being taken to ensure that what is discussed and shared comes from and is related to Krsna Consciousness. We respect the fact that so many devotees are coming to the holy dhama to develop their bhakti. We do not wish to mix moods and impart some materialistic self-development tool that will jar with the setting. This is about highlighting some of the key teachings to improve our daily lives so that our seva can be further empowered.
Each workshop will start with some kirtan, chanting of the mahamantra and invocation to the parampara so that our endeavours are blessed and protected by the holy dhama.
On each rest day and half rest-day a workshop will be held. The duration of the session will be three hours. We will be publishing the dates, times and locations of the workshops shortly.

Just prior to Kartik and after Kartik, further, more in-depth workshops will be held.
Madhavi didi will be facilitating a one-day leadership workshop before Kartik. This event will focus on developing our collaborative leadership skills while maintaining a sweet service mood. This will be held on Wednesday 20 October at Gopinath Bhavan, Vrindavana.
After Kartik, Ananta Prabhu will be leading a three day programme. This will help us remove obstacles and create awareness so that we can deepen our relationships and perform seva more effectively and sweetly, together. This event will be held over the three days of Wednesday 24 - Friday 26 November at Gopinath Bhavan, Vrindavana.

Our hope is that these skills will permeate throughout the sanga. This will help team building, creating team alignment and conflict resolution around the world.
Our aim is, if successful, to continue to offer these programmes throughout future parikramas. With consistent effort, the dissemination of these tools will help us to develop as a bhakta, fulfilling Srila Gurudeva's order through unified seva.
You can register for any of the above workshops by clicking here.
Please note that there is no extra cost involved for you in any of the above and prasadam will be served at the pre and post-Kartik events.
We humbly request you to forgive us for organising and communicating late and after many of you have booked your tickets. The situation regarding Srila Gurudeva’s physical health delayed things for a couple of weeks and we have taken more time than envisaged to put all of this together. If you can, please arrange to attend. It is, however, our intention to continue these events at future parikramas.
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