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by BV Bhagavat Maharaja on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 4:05am
There are some devotees who are not close to the daily health care team who have misunderstood Srila Gurudevas state of consciousness and physical well being. I want to clarify this for everyone so his state of consciousness can be clearly understood.
Srila Gurudeva is making steady progress. He is conscious and alert. He rests a lot which he should do. However when he is up, which is quite often during the day, he is alert and lucid. In fact even when he rests the pure devotee is completely conscious, not in the mode of ignorance like we conditioned souls. When a pure devotee rests he is in a highly spiritual conscious state called samadhi. Srila Gurudeva has brief conversations with devotees during the day and gives valuable instructions. I have talked to 2 devotees,  outside of the immediate health care team, who have had conversations with him. Srila Gurudeva goes out on the veranda almost daily in his wheel chair and sits in the Sun and then has a light massage. During this time he is fully cognizant and very clear. Yesterday he asked to be taken to 2 different doors when he was moving in the wheel chair . At each door he recognized the devotees who were there and briefly spoke clearly to them. There are times when he does not want to be bothered and he makes it very clear what he wants. However he mostly accepts the service we are giving him in terms of medical treatment. So he is clearly the decision maker in the present health care treatment he is being given. 
I have written the other day about Srila Gurudevas health support team. I want to elaborate on that now a little. There is an Oncologist, a cancer specialist, who comes in regularly to check the condition, development, and stages of Srila Gurudevas cancer. There is another MD Doctor Prakash who checks his vital signs on a regular basis like Blood Pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, blood sugars, and a number of things that demonstrate that he is stable and not in any crisis condition. There is an Ayurvedic Doctor who has made a powerful herbal formula from fresh herbs he has handpicked himself that addresses seven different things that need care in Srila Gurudevas body. Srila Gurudeva takes this daily. The Ayurvedic Doctor also checks the pulses of Srila Gurudeva keeping an eye on what is happening inside. The Chinese Doctor is also checking pulses and has performed the second treatment on Srila Gurudeva today. The Chinese Doctor says that Srila Gurudeva is responding very well to the qi gong/massage treatment and is making very good progress. 
Besides this we have a physio-therapist whose expertise is in caring for elderly cancer patients. This person is  exercising him daily to tone his muscles and keep his limbs and joints flexible. Which is in addition to his light massage almost everyday on the Veranda. There is a chart for his nutrition and there is a chart for his scheduled medication and activities  everyday. There is an expert Homeopathic Doctor here who is in contact with Srila Gurudeva daily and is always consulting with one of the leading homeopaths of India who is Srila Gurudevas disciple in Mathura. There is also nutritionists who are helping oversee the diet and the quality and quantity of calories that are being given.
Are there little glitches here and there? Yes certainly. However nothing that is alarming at this present stage of the health care that is being given. In general Srila Gurudeva is well cared for and is progressively improving to a point where a more aggressive approach in dealing with the cancer will be possible. All of this is going on by his will and he is making us all dance as he likes. I feel very optimistic at this point that Srila Gurudeva will perform recovery pastimes very soon and be with us some more time. I realize that is only my personal opinion. But I feel that the most critical days are behind us and that Srila Gurudeva is giving signs that he wants to stay and guide us for some time longer. I would venture to say that this is the opinion of most of the devotees who are surrounding Srila Gurudeva. 
Srila Gurudeva is happy and comfortable here in Govardhan. Not just because he has an oxygen controlled room with air filters that make the air clean and fresh but because he is situated between Giriraja and Radha Kund the 2 highest spiritual places in the world. He is embraced by the transcendental atmosphere of Govardhan and he is immersed in the special spiritual pastimes that occur here. For Srila Gurudeva he does not see smoke, dust, noise, and pollution. Srila Gurudeva sees the Cintamani Dham the transcendental touchstone abode of spiritual gems where Krishna the gopas and the cows roam and Krishna and the gopis sport in the most confidential pastimes. This is what Srila Gurudeva is seeing and this is why he is happy and making progress here. It appears that just as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vraja to immerse himself in Radha Bhava under the Imlitala tree so Srila Gurudeva has come here to immerse himself in the transcendental ecstasy of  Sri Sri Radha Vinode Biharis transcendental pastimes at Sri Giriraja Govardhan.
Your Uncle
BV Bhagavat Maharaja

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Srila Gurudeva, Master of Mystics and Magicians - Part 2

                 Part 2: Srila Gurudeva, Master of Mystics and Magicians
by Syamarani dasi



There is something special that I am giving. I can perform greater magic than that magician. I am Guru of so many magicians. That magician may be able to transfer $5 into $100, but I can transfer it into millions upon millions of dollars. (Srila Gurudeva, Badger, Calif., May 22, 2004)


With our material eyes and ears, we may see or hear or read that Srila Gurudeva is weak or in pain – and that is his intention, so that we can increase our loving service to him. At the same time, in order to help us perfect our loving service, it is his intention to bring us to proper siddhantic understanding of his identity. We can understand a token of Srila Gurudeva’s powers by the following Harikatha discourse, which he gave in Badger on the same day as the above quote.


“Once, the sages Visvamitra and Vasistha were quarrelling. Visvamitra told Vasistha, ‘You should address me as Brahma-rsi, because I have become an exalted, realized brahmana.’ Vasistha said, ‘I will address you as Rajarsi, a saintly ksatriya, because you have come from a royal family.’  He refused to praise Visvamitra as a Brahma-rsi, because he considered he would become proud, and that pride would not be beneficial for him.


“Visvamitra then boasted that his performance of austerities was a great thing – greater than any other achievement. Vasistha disagreed. He insisted that sadhu-sanga was the greatest achievement.


“They went to Ananta Sesa-naga – the great serpent incarnation of the Lord on whose innumerable hoods millions of universes rest – and presented their situation to him. Visvamitra asked him, ‘Please, you decide if Vasistha is telling the truth, or I am. Am I greater than Vasistha, or is Vasistha greater than me?’


“Lord Ananta replied, ‘This is a very deep and heavy topic. At present, I am carrying the burden of entire universes upon my hoods. O Visvamitra, I am extremely tired. I want to rest one of my hoods. Please take my burden for a moment, and then I will answer. Please arrange that when I remove my hood, the universe will not move from its position. It should remain unwavering and not fall.’ Visvamitra said, ‘Oh, that is a very insignificant task.’ He then gave the fruit of all his performances of yoga and austerities, but he could not take the burden of Ananta for even a moment. As soon as Ananta began to remove his hood, there were severe earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.


“Ananta then asked Vasistha, ‘Can you take my burden?’ Vasistha replied, ‘I am giving you the result of only half a moment of the sadhu-sanga that I have attained. If I have had any elevated Vaisnava association, then may the universe remain calm and quiet and unwavering.’ Then, although Ananta removed his hood from underneath the universe, it remained calmly in its place, hovering in space without moving.


“Ananta said, ‘Now, Visvamitra, I have given my answer, and you yourself can judge what it is. Vasistha has given only half a moment's result of sadhu-sanga, and by that I became free from the burden. You could not arrange that for me.’


“So, even a fraction of a second of sadhu-sanga may change your entire life and make you happy forever. This is mahat-sanga.”


If the result of great sadhus’ association produces such a powerful effect, what to speak about the power of the sadhu himself. Srila Gurudeva is not invalid, and he has never had any material disease. He is a heart-wrenching magician with all mystic powers who, out of his beautiful love for his disciples and all living beings, appears to be invalid in order to increase the loving service of the disciples.


“A Vaisnava is always protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but if he appears to be an invalid, this gives a chance to his disciples to serve him.” (Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta Adi-lila 9.11 purport)



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