jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

bhajans for Srila Gurudeva`s health


 Dear Vaisnavas,
 please accept our dandavat pranam. All glories to our beloved Gurudeva!
 We all thank Madhava Maharaja and Brajnath Prabhu to keep us updated about
 Srila Gurudeva`s health. Among Srila Gurudeva`s condition and the feelings
 of their own they also have mentioned:
 "But we are still a long way from complete success. It can go either
 way, all depending on the causeless mercy of Sri Giriraja, Srila
 Gurudeva`s own desire, and our prayers. Please continue to pray and
 serve together for the pleasure of Srila Gurudeva. He is our
 everything, the life of our lives, the only wealth in the entire
 All of us are continuing with prayers but since it came to our
 attention that mass prayers running are very very powerful we beg all the
 devotees, friends, etc from Europe, US and South Africa and the whole world to pray, perform kirtan  and bhajans for Srila Gurudeva`s health improvement to a certain time.
 Everybody can participate alone and/or with your family and friends at home
 or together in your temples. The importance is that we all start at the same
 We hope you all have time this coming Saturday 9th of October. We will
 at 5 pm (17.00 h) European time
 Great Britain 4 pm
 Greece 6 pm
 Portugal 4 pm
 Canary Island 4 pm
 Faroe Islands 4 pm
 Greenland 3 pm
 Azores/Portug. 3 pm
 Moldova 6 pm
 Belarus 6 pm
 Cypres 4 pm
 Latvia 6 pm
 Romania 6 pm
 Lithuania 6 pm
 Ukraine 6 pm
 Turkey 6 pm
 Moscow 7 pm
 Bulgaria 6 pm
 (tried my best to find your time but they are not guaranteed. Pls check
 it also by yourself. Thank you).
 The prayers, kirtan and bhajans can be longer but at least for
 minimum 2 hours.
 South Africa has the same time as Germany.
 May the devotees from other parts of the world feel inspired to organize
 mass prayers in their own countries.
 All glories to our beloved Gurudeva.
 Thank you all.
 Your servant in the service of Guru and Vaisnavas
 Hariballabha dasi

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