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Health info from B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja

Srila Gurudevas Desire

Last night Srila Gurudeva did not sleep. He pulled the tube out of
his nose himself and then chanted all night long. When he came out of
Samadhi in the morning then he rested. He was in Goloka all night. I
went in to see him on the balcony just as he was re-entering the
earths atmosphere. He looked at me for a minute or two then he
looked away. Then he looked at me again and finally gave me one of
those famous raised eyebrow glances of his which, ever so subtly,
gives you a hint of what is meant by a sidelong glance from Radha &
Krishna. This of course made my day, hey it made my life, I will
remember that sidelong glance if I live to be 100 it had so much
potency in it.

Srila Gurudeva is a bit weaker today then yesterday probably because
he did not sleep. Still he is not as weak as he was a few days ago.
So he had two good days and his bad day is not so bad. This means
things are improving. Remember what I said about natural healing in
Cancer, good days, bad days. When you start stringing together more
good than bad then youre getting over the hump.

Even though He is weak He is eating. He had almond milk this morning
made lovingly by Sudevi didi from freshly soaked and ground organic
almonds and then strained through a cloth so he got all the juice and
none of the excess fiber to irritate his sensitive colon. Kishri Mohan
Prabhu and Sudevi didi made 5 different soups today for Srila Gurudeva
and he ate them all. He had asparagus, sweet potato, pumpkin, and two
bowls of celery soup. All are made from organic vegetables with
filtered water, only the best for our Srila Gurudeva.

There was a meeting of the health care professionals today. Later I
got a chance to have lunch with the doctors and discuss more about
what is going on with the therapy. One of the concerns is that Dr.
Rey is leaving tomorrow to go back to the Philippines to take care of
his patients in the clinics he runs there. We all want to make sure
that the therapeutic protocols he has put in place remain. His
approach is one of giving Ozone, H2O2, and Orthomolecular nutritional
supplementation intravenously in order to create an environment which
is hostile for the cancer to survive in. This is important because
the attack mode of trying to kill the cancer cells directly can cause
a lot of dead cells which have to be removed through heavy
detoxification. The stress of detoxification is a serious challenge
for Srila Gurudevas health in his frail condition. To this end
another Doctor from Germany, whose name I think is Hapgoode, is
bringing a number of therapies with him including one that is on the
cutting edge in Germany where the Healthy cells of your body
reprogram the cancer cells into healthy cells. This would practically
eliminate the need for any detoxifying on the part of Srila Gurudeva
and he would benefit greatly from that in terms of energy
conservation. Dr. Reys protocols support this approach and Dr. Rey
is in favor of employing the German doctors protocol along with his
own. I will give you some more details about all of this tomorrow.

The Bhajans were lively today and very sweet. All of the devotees
were so enthusiastic to chant and glorify the lord for Srila
Gurudeva. He came out on the Veranda today and gave darshan from his
bed and from his wheel chair for a few brief minutes each time to the
sheer delight of the assembled devotees.

Srila Gurudeva said in 2002, 2006, and recently that if I cannot
write I do not want to stay. Fulfilling the order of his Gurudeva by
translating and writing the books for the future generations is the
thing that keeps Him going. So today we should say a special prayer
to Srimati Radhika and all the Rupanuga Guruvarga, asking them to
please bless our Srila Gurudeva to begin writing again soon so that
he can stay with us some more years. Srila Gurudeva KI JAYA!!!


Your Servant

B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja

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