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Warriors for Prabhupada’s Ritvik Association





Dont miss this one!
Gaurahari Das 31 de diciembre de 2011 15:28
Dont miss this one!
Feeling Pleasing Krishna.mov
When Your Really Pleasing Krishna you feel it in vast chamber of the heart. Practically if your chan...
Gaurahari Das 3 de enero de 2012 6:03
Why Fault find or complain So Much Because ISKCON & Other Gurus Need Some Candy to Act as Ritviks fo...

Ritvik devotee comment:  However, the subtle disease of profit, adoration and distinction fully cul...
What do you all think of this. Any one ready...
Gaurahari Das 4 de enero de 2012 4:04
What do you all think of this. Any one ready for the 2012 Shift? Is it possible for you? Its working for me! It is much more soul full and spiritually inspiring chanting relishing the rasa of the Holy Name than blocking that rasa tasting the dry bitter taste of faultfinding and criticizing vaishnavas; who we may think are inferior to us in who they worship and how they worship and overlooking the real important quality we have in common of also chanting the Holy Name, appreciation of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna at their level of personal realization and capacity.
Ok more sharing now! In our devotee circles, Let the new standard be, any devotee who chants hare Kr...
How about this cutting edge program to unify...
Gaurahari Das 4 de enero de 2012 9:12
How about this cutting edge program to unify all devotees so we can have one big inclusive kirtan eliminating any sectarian hatred and prejudices.
2012 Shift to Higher Vibrational Standard, All Shiksa, Diksha, Ritviks, Grand Disciples are all Prab...

In our vaishnava circles, Let the new standard be, any devotee who chants hare Krishna, appreciates...
Gaurahari Das 5 de enero de 2012 7:25
Lord Caitanya Mercy Reconciles Scriptural Debates Part One
Swarupa Domodar Prayed, Oh Lord Caitanya let their be an awakening of your mercy which reconciles al...
For those who are in black and white...
Gaurahari Das 7 de enero de 2012 9:37
For those who are in black and white consciousness and think ritviks or non ritviks are bogus depending on your opinion. This is what my status is on the situation. 

Instead of using the word false Guru or false path which not true. Gurus who are not completely self realized cannot help you very well is a term prabhupada used in text five nectar of instruction purport. If a disciples learns that a guru cannot at a certain point help them more and they are still suffering, then this is a good lesson for those who go to such gurus and at a certain point this helps them turn to more advanced association. But to completely invalidate teachers as doing nothing good at all is illusion and neophyte, level of undertanding. So how long do you want to remain at that level of this is black this is white there is nothing in between. The is the pure devotee and their is the bogus teacher which we learn nothing from and have no service they do for Krishna. So So very neophyte. Ok if that is where you are at so be it. I am sure Krishna is using you for his work but I am moving on to loving and including more persons in Lord Caitanya movement and not spending my days and nights looking at all the negative things and faults devotees may have because of the present level of development waiting for bad news of the next guru or sanyasi going to falll so we can gosip about it. Been their done that. Those few are can relate to this can join our new group swan like ritviks who respect all
Attention group members: I want to call...
Gaurahari Das 10 de enero de 2012 10:16
Attention group members: I want to call attention below that one of the basic principals of this group that was initialy formed is the following to set the example of being committed to the Shelter of Srila Prabhupada and not cultivating and indulging in finding fault with other Vaishnavas serving Srila Prabhupada with another conception of devotional service that we may consider less clear. Kapila Deva Taught his Mother, " There are multifarious paths of devotional service in the modes of nature, ignorance, passion, goodness, and pure goodness. Whatever platform we are on indulging in faultfinding, belittling, criticizing, is vaishnava apparada of the various platforms of devotees and is a big set back for ourselves and those we associate with. Anyone who wants to continue to indulge in coarse demeaning of other vaishnavas, overly focusing on negative aspects of those who have made mistakes or even had served with personal motives and caused difficulties for themselves and others can move over to other Prabhupadanuga threads where this is welcomed. We are not cleaning up the posts here. Please share how faith in Srila Prabhupada is helping you in your service to Krishna from now here on this group as per the clause in the mission statement below. Remember you can just transfer to anyone of a number of Prabhupada groups who encourage criticizing Vaishnavas who hold another opinion in devotional service due to being situated on a another devotional platform.

‘At the same time we will also not accept into this association any faultfinders who want to follow Srila Prabhupada’s ritvik decree but at the same time have a strong propensity to criticize devotees who are inspired to follow another level of devotional service or Guru who may even be in opposition to our personal understanding. This is the example we want to strive for of following our own chosen path and simultaneously respecting the choices of others. - con Srimaya Das y 13 personas más.
Famous Yogi in India with hundreds of...
Gaurahari Das 10 de enero de 2012 10:23
Famous Yogi in India with hundreds of thousands of followers, Glorifies Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya as the Avatar of Divine Love!

Lord Caitanya Confidential Plan of Liberating Souls Still At Work in Mysterious Ways

 Krishna Devotee comment about a Sri Ravishankar video I uploaded where he lovingly glorified Srila...
Devotion to Lord Caitanya can cut us free from...
Gaurahari Das 10 de enero de 2012 16:37
Devotion to Lord Caitanya can cut us free from the cycle of birth and death. Criticizing Vaishnavas, waiting for the next Guru to fall down. This sets on a opposite course having little value. The deeper question should be how can I develop devotion to Lord Caitanya in the quickest way? Well here are some solutions. Chant the Holy Name ensesently, discuss Lord Caitanya pastimes, read Caitanya and chant out loud caitanya lila, Chant in kirtan. Stop Critizing vaishnavas on other platforms of devotional service are all wonderful activities to develop Gaura prema quickly. The more condemn and critize the less we are attracted to Pure devotional service
If you want to study something. Study less the...
Gaurahari Das 11 de enero de 2012 0:20
If you want to study something. Study less the faults of others, of societies, Religious organizations, etc and instead study very studiously, prayerfully the Holy Name and Gaurangas pastimes. Oh one will become such a great scholar, philanthropists and very famous personality sought after by those suffering in all societies.
Gaurahari Das 14 de enero de 2012 11:16
Gauranga Bridge Between Ritvik & Non Ritvik (full movie).mov
Awesome Questions Awesome Answers Svarupa Domodara prayed to Lord Caitanya, "By Your auspicious merc...
Attention. Ok there is going to be...
Gaurahari Das 15 de enero de 2012 11:38
Attention. Ok there is going to be transformational change in the energy of this group. I am examining to the posts and the majority except Andreas are focusing devotees attention on a mood of negativity, sectarian hate. I was also posting like this but have had a major change of heart by divine providence. There many posts of Srila Prabhupada in a warrior mood. This warrior preaching was thirty five years ago and the devotees are too neophyte to even use such things because their impurities in their heart they come off like mean separatists. Not all are like this but enough. So many devotees are confused and unhappy I have heard because war within their own Krishna movement. There is a lot of lack of acceptance or tolorance of each others right to their own realizations and level of devotional development. There is a lot of focus on words that divide and foster unloving space of emptiness and separation. We have sectarian hatred in the Krishna movement big time and I am going to do my part to share another way that is inspiring me. Its starts with clearing the energy here. If devotees want to post Srila Prabhupada's chopping technique moods he used in preaching thirty five years ago they are going to taken down. If you want to post something of Srila Prabhupada make something uplifting and not divisive and polarizing. Everyone is free there are many groups around that post things that try to tear down their brothers who many treat like enemies, those who disagree with them. Krishna has already given the signal from Delhi and warned Facebook they are not going to tolerate religious intolerance and hatred and will sue. So we will cooperate. You can all share you mind here in the comments lets what is happen in the group consciousnesses about this cutting edge move - con Peia Marie Edgerly y 18 personas más.
The Extent of Lord Caitanya Mercy and What the...
Gaurahari Das 15 de enero de 2012 23:26
The Extent of Lord Caitanya Mercy and What the Ritviks have not yet undertood about it

Most don't undertand some subtle principals at work here. The ritviks are right on their platform of undertanding Krishna Law of being a just ruler and just dispenser of Justice. I used to be like that also. Here is where we ritviks are not undertanding the extensive mercy of Lord Caitanya. Lord Caitanya on the other hand is Just a dispenser of Mercy to the most fallen. We ritviks wanted to punish the IKSKCON leaders who it appears in our view as having cheated everyone. This is Old Testimant vaishnavism. If one disobeys God or Srila Prabhupada order we must stone them and make them act right before mercy is given. This was not Jesus new program nor is it Lord Caitanya's. Those who cheat or act against the Acarya or Lord Caitanya's movement are the most fallen and the most qualified for the mercy. Ask Jagai and Madhai, Gopal Champa, Devananda pandit, Dhaksha, Lord Brahma, Indra, Putana and so many more. Everyone will see that all who are connected with Srila Prabhupada even though they even acted against him the favor will be returned with dispensing Love of God. I see it! I feel it. And I am sooooo gratful to be able to love the cheaters and the cheated because they are also getting the mercy. I see it working here in Mayapur. So I undertand how the ritviks are seeing things at this point but its not really the mood of Gauranga prabhu. It seems a bit crazy to love those who have screwed you but what to do its Lord Caitanya's program! We will all learn this soon. - con Peia Marie Edgerly y 19 personas más.
Continued from last post. So as soon as...
Gaurahari Das 15 de enero de 2012 23:29
Continued from last post. So as soon as ritviks and non ritviks get that all who are connected with Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya their offenses will not ultimately be taken into account. We all may or may not receive some punishment for being the theives and rouges that we are but Love of God will result from it.
This is the best talk I have ever done. Hope...
Gaurahari Das 16 de enero de 2012 10:33
This is the best talk I have ever done. Hope all vaishnavas are pleased.
Gauranga's Mercy Without Walls.mov
Out of thousands of videos this is the very best talk about Lord Caitanya ever so far. It embodies a...
Ready for this simple cutting edge...
Gaurahari Das 19 de enero de 2012 3:41
Ready for this simple cutting edge transcendental solution. Or still in a war mood?
Simple Solution for Unifying Prabhupadanugas & ISKCON. Apologize! Respect Each Other as All Followe...

Devottee comment: While you are discussing unification, which is always what Maharja Yuddhisthira w...
Just wanted share with my ritvik brothers the...
Gaurahari Das 22 de enero de 2012 15:21
Just wanted share with my ritvik brothers the result of this kind of preaching I have been doing. I know that many ritviks are feeling a bit cautious about this new mood I have been advocating like asking for forgiveness, being respectful to all devotees inspite of their faults etc. Anyway this devotees expereince below may help set your minds at ease about it and consider it just could be Srila Prabhupada and Gauranga inspiring this kind of new direction. I have to say I feel so good in so many ways!

dear gaurahari das, i really want to say that since yesterday im fully convinced from your lectures about dealing between ritvik nonritvik etc...from the first class i heard i felt in my heart wow what an amazing way to look at this things...strong feelings ofdivine goodluck did immedeatly start...and i felt...this is the truth...only the mind did see obstacles and some"yes...buts"...so i reflected more on more and heard more classes...so that these energy is becoming stronger and stronger...many of your arguments did calm my still sometimes protesting mind...but its so obvious even for me that youre defintly broadcasting lord gaurangas wishes and his universal love and mercy..
.as u explained it concerning eg ravi shankar, other mayavadis or other "unauthorized"bhakti groups not directly following lord caitanya...for their respecting and not criticizing...they can better inspire and spread love than a "pure"devotee thinking he is on the only right path and so finds many faults in all other groups...these monotheistic thinking"we are the best "was one of my main reasons leaving iskcon for two years...before knowing the ritvik theory...
yesterday i read your idea to apologize oneself for our finding faults in nonritvik and for not praising their devotional service,and to forgive them etc...
i havent done it directly...but in my mind...in prayers etc
but the response was so great!!! i really felt to get the blessing to put the faultfinding glasses at the side, as you said, and to see all their service...and it made really a click...boom...it feels like there was a heavy burden on my shoulder (many negative energies,thoughts and feelings) were put aside , like a kind of relief and ift feels so more lively...so more in tune with sri krishna...the world looks more colourful etc...jeah.i really understood...oh, yes i have made offenses against so many vaisnavas...let me now praise them...and lol my four walls seem to be very happy about it too..it feels so nice to appreciate them again and to see evertyhing on a much bigger plane..in the line of this undescripable mercy of god
so i want to thank you again and again for sharing your realization!
HareKrishna!!! - con Radha Kripa Das y 18 personas más.


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