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Estado de Salud de Srila Gurudeva

Dear devotees,
 Please accept my dandavat pranams. All glories to Srila Gurudeva and Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. All glories to Sri Sri Radha-Vinodehariji.
 Today the news is different. Yesterday it seemed that Srila Gurudeva was on the brink of refusing treatment. The mood in Vrindavan was so somber, like watching the stern of the Titanic tilting up for the final plunge. I was apprehensive about what we would find when we arrived here today. But instead of doom and gloom, we found that Srila Gurudeva had rested better last night. He is taking nourishing food. This morning he walked in the corridor, and talked to two or three devotees. Later there was a darshan, with Srila Gurudeva propped up in his folding bed. Considering that Srila Gurudeva has been almost completely inactive for several days, all this is unexpected, and indeed quite astounding.
 Russian devotees brought a new and better machine for ozone treatment from Ukraine. It has been used already, and Srila Gurudeva was happy with it.
 What does it mean in the long run? Who knows? But it is such a blessing that Srila Gurudeva is somewhat comfortable for another day.
Aspiring for service to Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas,
B V Nemi

Prahlada - correo
Revered Vaishnavas,
Dandavat Pranams!

Most Revered Srila Gurudev is in Ludhiana, Punjab currently. Srila Gurudev is spending most of His time reading, writing and talking to devotees visiting from neighboring places. Local devotees daily assemble here and perform Sankirtan in the evening. Srila Gurudev is giving His Divine Darsan to all the devotees by gracefully coming out of His room during that time. Occasionally He speaks Harikatha for few minutes. We are trying our best to webcast those meetings. I hope you are participating in our Video conferences, and relishing the nectar. Srila Gurudev one day went to the farm house of Sri Rakesh Kapoor for a morning walk and He thoroughly enjoyed the walk in the middle of the greenery.

When the devotees in Ludhiana proposed that Srila Gurudev may kindly grace the devotees of Ludhiana during the month of Kartik by staying there, Srila Gurudev kindly accepted that. He said, "I have not come here by the force of anyone. It is the desire of Our Gurudev that has brought me here." For the next few days Srila Gurudev will visit to Jhalandhar, Bathinda and Mansa and bless the devotees there. It is after 5 years that Srila Gurudev is traveling in Punjab. Devotees are feeling inundated with the flood-like grace of Srila Gurudev after being draughted for so many years. Previous years, Srila Gurudev used to visit only Chandigarh in the state of Punjab.

The itinerary and programs of Srila Gurudev for the next one month is as under:

October 07, 2010 - Arrival at Jhalandhar Math @ 2.30 PM IST
October 10, 2010 - Harikatha and sankirtan between 10.00 AM and 1.00 PM IST (will be webcast)
October 11, 2010 - Arrival to Ludhiana
October 13, 2010 - Arrival at Bathinda
October 15, 2010 - Arrival at Mansa (Tentative)
October 17, 2010 - Arrival back to Ludhiana
October 19, 2010 - Observation of Katik vrata (Damodar Vrat) in Ludhiana
November 10, 2010 - Departure to Kolkata (Tentative)

Important festivals during this period of stay in Ludhiana in the month of Karthik - Pakshavardhini Dvadasi (19 Oct.), Sardiya Rasyatra (22 Oct.), Appearance day of Sri Radhakund (30 Oct.), Sri Rama Ekadasi (2 Nov.), Sri Goverdhan Puja (7 Nov.). Whenever there is Harikatha by His Divine Grace Srila Gurudev, video conference will be arranged.

Those who want to visit Ludhiana during this period are requested to contact us at 91-896-888-5819 or mail to prahlad.das@sreecgmath.org.

Sri Guru Vaishnav Kripa Prarthi,
Prahlad Das
Revered Vaishnavas,

Dandavat Pranams!

Srila Gurudev had arrived in Jhalandhar, Punjab on October 7, 2010 after a long gap of 6 years. The reception was grandly organized. Devotees are fully surcharged with devotional energy, the atmosphere is vibrant and electrifying. There was installation of Vijay-Vigraha of Mahaprabhu on 8th of this month. Pujyapad Acharya Maharaj performed most of the rituals and Srila Gurudev graced the occasion. Srila Gurudev had given Darsan to devotees on 8th and 9th during evening.

Srila Gurudev had delivered Divine Harikatha today in Jhalandhar after as many years as His arrival and devotees from Pathankot, Jammu, other cities in Punjab arrived in the Math. Devotees from Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Slovenia, U. K. and Germany were also personally present in the Harikatha apart from many participants through our video conference.

Srila Gurudev will leave Jhalandhar for Bathinda (there is a small change in the itinerary now) around 1.30 PM IST on Oct. 11, 2010 (Monday). Srila Gurudev will rest for a while at a householder's place in Moga, which is 90 mins drive from Jhalandhar. We got the location for stay at Moga by the Grace of Srila Gurudev. In fact, He made His own arrangements. That was a long history and I am giving a very brief account of the entire incident.

We were looking for a place to stay in Moga for Srila Gurudev's rest. We tried few hotels. They were good but not the best. Moga is a small cityside. It is very difficult to find the best accomodation there. We, devotees were thinking, "Why do I not have a home at Moga for Srila Gurudev's stay? My life would have been successful if I have had a house here." But that was a remote possibility. We were worried not finding any place but did not giveup our efforts. Suddenly, one of the distant friends of a devotee appeared there and we expressed our concern. Now, another brain working. He called 4 more sardarjis. Few brains at work now for Guruji's seva. They told they can make their house available with few other facilities. But we were not happy, we wanted to give more to our Gurudev. One of the sardars remembered that he has one distant family relation who has a big bunglow. Our ray of hopes started raising. We called the lady and she said, "We would be blessed to have H im." We then went to see the place. "Hurray! We got the place." All the devotees' (3 of us) faces lit up and no hesitation whatsoever from our side. The room was excellently constructed, nicely furnished and well maintained. The lady said that they had constructed one room extra just for sadhus to stay and those saints who travel in Punjab and would want to halt at Moga could stay there. What a fortune lady and the family. We will not forget the family. I think all the family's penances, worships, etc etc. fulfilled just by the news of Srila Gurudev's arrival to her home. I am remembered of the meeting between Lord Ramachandra and Sabari in the forest after her long long wait for His darsan. Many devotees in Jhalandhar are inviting Srila Gurudev to their houses but Srila Gurudev is saying that, "I have desire but I can go only mentally. Earlier I used to go to many places." But what fortune this family has aquired that without any direct connection (externall y) and without any invitation, Srila Gurudev is going to grace that family. Out of His causless mercy Srila Gurudev is blessing that family. Dear Vaishnavas, I am feeling unlucky not having a bunglow at Moga. Are you too?

Coming back to Srila Gurudev's itinerary, He will take Prasad and take rest for few hours at the said place before heading for Bathinda, which is another 90 mins drive from Moga. Devotees will be performing Arati of Srila Gurudev. Srila Gurudev will speak Harikatha on Oct. 13, 2010 at Bathinda (tentative). He will go to Mansa on 14th, speak Harikatha there and return to Bathinda the same day. He would leave Bathinda for Ludhiana on 16th of this month and from 18th Kartik Vrat will begin. Many devotees from outside India are already pouring in. Arrangements for Kartik at Ludhiana are being made intensively.

Please ckeckout the following 2 blogs (beautiful pictures posted)

Sri Guru Vaishnav Kripa Prarthi,
Prahlad Das
Revered Vaishnavas,

Dandavat Pranams.

Most Revered Srila Gurudev is leaving for Ludhiana today at 1.00 PM from Bathinda and will stay there for almost a month to observe Damodar Vrat which starts from October 18, 2010. Parampujyapad Bhakti Vigyan Bharati Maharaj is also arriving Ludhiana on October 17, 2010. Devotees from different parts of India are likely to join us in the next 2 days. Foreign devotees have already reached Ludhiana to take part in this auspicious Damodar Vrat.

Srila Gurudev, Srila Bharati Maharaj and their sevaks are being hosted at the house of Sri Rakesh Kapoor whereas devotees from out station are provided lodging facility within a radius of 0.5 km. A beautiful temple (temperory) is being prepared on the terrace of Sri Rakesh Kapoor's house, where around 250 devotees can be seated. Daily katha, kirtan will be held there. Asta-yam niyam seva (devotional practice during the eight periods of the day) and Gajendra prayers recitation in the evening will be performed under the benign guidance of Our Most Revered Gurudev and under the graceful presence of Parampujyapad Bharati Maharaj. Srila Gurudev will grace the devotees with Harikatha on some special occasions. We are going to webcast the daily Gajendra prayers by Srila Bharati Maharaj and Harikatha by Srila Gurudev.

Daily schedule:
4.30 AM - 8.30 AM --> Mangalacharan, 1 Yam, Mangalarati, Damodarastakam, Nagar Sankirtan, 2 & 3 Yam kirtans.

6.30 PM - 10.00 PM --> Sandhya Arati, Radha & Krishna Bhajans, 6 Yam kirtan, Gajendra prayers recitation, 7 and 8 Yam kirtans.

Flash Flash: Srila Gurudev will speak Harikatha tomorrow (October 17, 2010) on the occasion of Sri Vijay Dasami & Adhivas of Kartik Vrat at 8.30 PM. Live webcast from Ludhiana. Those who can be present personally are requested to do so and we hope others will join our webcast.

Sri Guru Vaishnav Kripa Prarthi,
Prahlad Das

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Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Pure devotees advent to this mortal world by the Will of Supreme Lord and by their own will and perform various pastimes. By exhibiting the pastimes of illness they give service opportunity to the souls of this world for their own deliverance. At present, Pujyapad Bhakti Vedanta Narayan Maharaj, Acharya of Sree Keshavji Gaudiya Math, is outwardly exhibiting severe illness having detected with malignancy in the intestine. Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev has a spiritual connection with him and both of them are very affectionate brothers. It is a dis-service if we do not convey this message to Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev. Considering Srila Gurudev's affection and love for the Vaishnavas, it would be heart breaking for Him to listen to this news. Either way was going going to be difficult for us.

On October 10, 2010 I got a call from Sri Vrindavan Prabhu from Denmark (a disciple of Srila Narayan Maharaj) telling me the urgency of the situation. I called Sri Ramchandra Prabhu, in-charge of Math in Janakpuri, New Delhi and also had an opportunity to speak to Srila Madhav Maharaj, the personal servant of Srila Narayan Maharaj. Both were very kind to inform me the latest about Srila Narayan Maharaj. Our god-brother, Sri Rasvihari Prabhu also called few other disciples of Srila Narayan Maharaj to get his latest health updates.

Sri Rasvihari Prabhu and I conveyed the message to Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev in brief. Srila Gurudev's eyes were filled with tears as soon as He heard this. Later we arranged for a telephonic conversation with Srila Madhav Maharaj. Srila Gurudev said," He (Srila Narayan Maharaj) used to do extensive preaching programs and he took lot of strain on his body." Srila Gurudev remembered that Srila Narayana Maharaj used to visit our Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math in Vrindavan and also their meetings on several occasions. Srila Gurudev then said to Sri Madhav Maharaj, "You should take good care of him. You should try your best. We should not give up our efforts." Later He added, "I also had heart difficulty and one doctor had put 5 stents in my heart. Even I cannot do extensive travels." The conversation took place for almost 7-8 mins and there was lot of love and affection shared during that time. When Srila Madhav Maharaj said that there is some improvement in the health of Srila Maharaj, Our Most Revered Gurudev felt happy.

We pray to the Lord for a speedy recovery of Srila Narayan Maharaj and continue his preaching programs.

Sri Guru Vaishnav Kripa Prarthi,
Prahlad Das
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Revered Vaishnvas,

Dandavat Pranams to you.

Under the benign guidance and by causeless mercy of Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev, the Kartik-Vrat at Ludhiana started in a grand way yesterday. Devotees from many parts of Punjab have joined us in Ludhiana. Srila Gurudev's sudden arrival to the evening Harikatha (to our surprise) made the program even more pleasant. Srila Gurudev spoke for more than an hour yesterday, in which He gave introduction to Gajendra-Moksha dialogue in the 8th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. Srila Gurudev said that He would speak Harikatha for the next 2 days continuously (today and tomorrow) as Parampujyapad Bharati Maharaj had to leave for Chandigarh the same day as his arrival for a medical checkup. Srila Bharati Maharaj will resume the Gajendra Moksha prayers after his arrival on 21st of this month. We will webcast the Harikatha daily starting from today. Due to poor internet connectivity (we are working on this simultaneously), we may not be in a position to webcast the stereo audio (English translation a nd Hindi Katha) at the same time.

Srila Gurudev expressed His desire to participate in the Nagarsankirtan today morning. He woke up and got ready when we entered His room and said that He wants to join the Nagarsankirtan for a very small distance. Devotees could not control their Transcendental emotions and feelings. Pujyapad Madhusudan Maharaj lead the kirtan "Jai dau Jai dau" while Srila Gurudev lead the devotees for about 50 m distance. Later devotees danced in front of Srila Gurudev and proceeded further, while Srila Gurudev went back to His room. More surprise to come; Srila Gurudev's arrival at the house of Sri Anil Dave Prabhu, where Nagarkirtan ended, made the atmosphere more electrifying. Smt. & Sri Dave washed the Divine Transcendental Lotus Feet of our Gurudev and performed arati. Later Srila Gurudev spoke for 10 mins in which He emphasised that we should remember Guru-Vaishnav-Bhagvan always.

We are really relishing the Transcendental surprises.
Hope you will join our daily webcasts at 8.15 PM of Gajendra-Moksha prayers starting from today.

Sri Guru Vaishnav Kripa Prarthi,
Prahlad Das
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Revered Vaishnavas,
Dandavat Pranams at your feet.

Under the benign guidance of Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev, the Kartik-Vrat is being performed in Ludhiana for the first time. Devotees from different parts of Punjab are joining as and when possible. After more than a gap of 6 years, Srila Gurudev had visited Mandi Govindgad and Rajpura on Sunday, 24th Oct. 2010, and delivered Harikatha at both the places. He remembered the glories of Srila Vaikhanas Maharaj, who is Sannyas Guru of Our Most Revered Paramguru-padpadma Nityalila Pravista Om Vishnupad 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj.

Srila Bharati Maharaj, who was expected to lead the daily practices (niyam-seva) in Kartik, is unable to join us in Ludhiana due to his poor health. We expect him to join us soon and our webcasts will start daily only after his arrival in Ludhiana. We will keep you posted in this regard.

Srila Gurudev's itinerary:
Srila gurudev will leave Ludhiana for Amritsar on November 10, 2010. He will stay there for a day and leave for Guwahati via Delhi on November 12, 2010. Srila Gurudev is expected to land in Guwahati at 5.45 PM by Air India flight No. IC-8611. Srila Gurudev will observe the remaining part of Kartik and its concluding ceremony in Guwhati. Later, His Divine Grace may visit Goalpara, Sarbhog and Tezpur in Assam district before heading to Kolkata.

Prahlad Das
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Dear Prabhus & Matajis,
Dandavat Pranams!

His Divine Grace Srila Gurudev will speak divine Harikatha on 28 Oct. 2010, Thursday on the occasion of the disappearance of Sri Narottam Thakur at 8.30 PM. Webcast of Harikatha from Ludhiana, Punjab at 8.15 PM. Please switch to right channel for English translation. Visit www.sreecgmath.org.

Prahlad Das
Dandavat Pranams to revered Vaishnavas,

Today (30 Oct 2010) is auspicious appearance of Sri Radhakunda. Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev will speak Harikatha on this special and significant occasion at Sree Sanatan Dharm Mandir in Ludhiana, Punjab between 8.30 PM and 9.30 PM IST. Video Conference of this event will be available at www.sreecgmath.org. English translation of the Divine Harikatha will be on the right channel.

Parampujyapad Srila Bhakti Vignan Bharati Maharaj has joined us in Ludhiana 2 days ago. He is reciting the Gajendra Moksha prayers daily. We will webcast this Harikatha daily from Ludhiana between 8.30 PM and 9.30 PM IST. As always, English translation will be on the right channel.

Prahlad Das
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Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math
Auspicious month of Kartik
Kartik is the best, the purest of purifiers, and most glorious of all months. Kartika month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krsna. This
month is full of bhakta vatsalya. Any vrata, even the smallest, will yield huge results. The effect of performing a Kartika Vrata lasts for
one hundred lifetimes, whereas ordinary vratas only last for one lifetime!
Essence is to do more devotional practice during this month.

One can start the observance of one month long Kartik Vrata from Ekadasi i.e Oct.18. He can end it on 17th Nov. and observe the festival of the appearance day of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj.Optionally he can observe the Bhisma Panchak for next five days till Purnima.

Srila Gurudev is at present gracing the devotees in Ludhiana.

Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math devotees observe the intense sadhana of eight period of devotional service as mentioned in Bhajan Rahasya. Srila Gurudev advises that everyone should try to participate in the Kartik Vrata observance. They can go to any branch of the math near to them.

For the devotees not living near the Math, Srila Gurudev advises the following practices for Kartik Vrata. Everybody should try to follow as much as possible according to their capacity.

1. Daily offer a ghee lamp to Krsna and sing the Damodarastakam,
meditating on meaning. Srila Guru Maharaj has translated the
Damodarastakam in English. It is included in the Kartik Handbook.

2. One should always remember Supreme Lord Hari. Devotees should try
to chant Harinam correctly. Srila Gurudev says quality is better than quantity.

3. Hear Srimad Bhagavatam, daily in association of exalted Vaisnavas,
if possible. Preference should be given in favor of hearing
the scriptures from sadhus during this month. It is most benificial to
recite and read Gajendra Moksha Lila-stava from 8th canto of
Srimad Bhagavatam, which teaches complete surrender/dependence on
Supreme Lord.

4. Eat only prasadam as allowed. There are some food restriction to be followed in the month of Kartik.

5. Daily recite Siksastaka of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and meditate
on its meaning. Read the commentary on Sikastaka by Bhaktivinode
Thakur as recommended by Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati
Prabhupada. In the Bhajan Rahasya translation, Srila Gurudev has
covered the commentary of Sikastaka. (In Kartik Handbook)

6. Daily Read the the Updeshamrata of Srila Rupa Goswami as
recommended by Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada.

7. Daily offer lamp to Tulsi devi and pray for eternal residence in
Vrndavana and eternal service of the lotus feet of Radha and Krsna.
Do four parikrama (circumbulation) of Tulasi.

8. Make nice offerings for Krishna. Devotees should observe
the festival of Annakuta, Giriraj Govardhan Puja. Srila Gurudev has
written about the the Giriraj Goverdhan in Kartik Handbook.

9. Associate more with devotees.

10. 17th Nov 2010 is the 106th Appearance Day of Srila Bhakti Dayita
Madhava Goswami Maharaj, the founder-acharya of Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya
Math. All devotees should observe that.

Special Days (Dated; 18th october 2010 to 17th november 2010)
Tuesday 19 Oct, Paksha-Varddhini Mahadvadashi - Kartik Vrata Starts
Saturday 30 Oct, Radhakunda Appearance day
Tuesday 2 Nov, Rama Ekadasi. Fast
Sunday 07 Nov, Sri Govardhan Puja and Annakuta Festival
Sunday 14 Nov, Sri Gopastami.
Wed. 17 Nov, Utthan Ekadasi, 106th appearance day of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj
Morning 9 AM to 12 - Guru Puja and Puspanjali
Thru. 18 Nov Special Festival & Feast and concluding the Vrata.

Kartik Hanbook in PDF format is available at:


if you face any problem in downloading. or you want it in your email.
Please write to us at : info@sreecgmath.org (info at sreecgmath.org)

Kartik Yam kritans are available for download from www.krishnacast.org (kirtan section)
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