lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

From Choti Tungi today...Nov 8

 From Choti Tungi today...

today we did radha kund parikrama.  remembering the first time gurudeva took me there.  gurudeva came outside today and sat in sun while we were all on parikrama.  I spoke personally with one of his doctors, the indian one who is coming every other day to administer ozone treatment. he is the son and brother in law of a delhi family i know.  he said gurudeva talks nicely with him and is agreeable now to whatever treatment he wants to give.  he also said gurudeva called for delhi dentist walla, who came and fixed gurudeva's tooth.  madhav maharaj says there is improvement and we should expect complete recovery.  we get darshan on the video screen in mandir during morning and evening classes. gurudeva is being given nutrients through tube. 
dwijakrishna das bramachari, gurudeva's previous sevak in Mathura says when Gurudeva talks he is very strong - as if he was never sick.  daily gurudeva is talking with a few people and otherwise smiling and waving at those who pranam him in person in his room.  on video screen he is mostly "sleeping" and moving a bit.

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