lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Message From Swami B.V. Madhava & Brajanath das

Dear Devotees and dear Friends,
please accept my dandavats.
All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga and all glories to Sri Sri Radha Vinode Bihariji.

From all over the world so many wonderful devotees have arrived in Sri Sri Radha Raman Bihari Gaudiya Math in Delhi to receive Srila Gurudeva’s darshan. There is a wonderful, harmonious atmosphere all day long. Beautiful kirtans are sung in the courtyard just outside Srila Gurudeva’s room.

Also doctors have arrived from Philippines, USA, Malaysia, Germany and South India. After discussing and asserting the medical protocols we have seen good progress under the guidance of doctor Rey from the Philippines.

Srila Gurudeva is interacting in a most sweet and affectionate manner with us. We understand that in his transcendental form he is with us forever. He has given us incomparable spiritual wealth and now is the time to deeply reflect and apply these beautiful teachings.

Very soon the month of Kartik will begin. If possible we will travel to Govardhan to continue to assist Srila Gurudeva in this most wonderful and difficult pastime.

Vaisnavadasanudasa & aspirant for the service of Sri Guru and Vaisnavas

Swami B.V. Madhava & Brajanath das

One should understand Krishna in truth, and this one can do only by serving a pure devotee.
Srimad Bhagavatam, 7.9.24

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