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Today's health update and a never before heard darshan with Srila Gurudeva from 1996

Today's health update and a never before heard darshan with Srila Gurudeva from 1996

Dear friends,
    Good report about Gurudeva. He didn't sleep last nite but he's
taking ayurvedic medicine and his pain has reduced. He took Prasad
today midday--I guess yesterday he didn't eat--and this afternoon he
was able to sleep. So he's feeling better.
    I heard that one ayurvedic doctor from South India and a couple of
others will be coming to to see Gurudeva and consult together to help him.
      Rasananda prabhu went to Nrsimhadeva temple today to make
special offering and prayers for Gurudeva's recovery.

199606XX_Mathura Srila BV Narayan Maharaja Darshan with Krishna Vallabha and other Didis T1.mp3

Krishna Vallabha didi has given Srila Gurudeva's Archive recordings of her darshans with Srila Gurudeva from 1996.

Daily uploads will be here   http://sbnmcd.org/extradisk/kvdd/index.php

In 1995 I met Gurudeva for the first time, he snatched me up, gave me a room in his temple, and gave me so much mercy. In one of my first darshans he said to me " you should write and perform English music ". At the time I had never had an idea of singing, my voice was nothing special, I liked to write poetry, so I thought well okay I'll get to work and do what Gurudeva suggests. I took his instruction to heart, now I understand why he told me to do this. The songs that I write allow me to connect to Gurudeva, and to Radha and Krishna

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