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Featured Team - Radha Govinda Temple - Los Angeles

Seva Teams News Report

Featured Team: Radha Govinda Mandir and Rose Temple

Radha Govinda Mandir in Venice, California is growing and changing daily through the service and dedication of the wonderful devotees in the temple and surrounding community. They are working hard and inspiring each other and the inspiration is spreading through to all of us. The programs have been more and more successful each time. More participation, smiling, chanting and general appreciation has been going around. Hope is returning that indeed the temple project and Gurudeva’s preaching mission in LA is possible.

August 2010

The temple has had a wonderful history since it’s inauguration in 2004 and last month has been no exception. Since the Badger festival, by Srila Gurudeva’s grace, we have seen many nice devotees coming to take part in a wonderful program of Hari Katha (4 classes daily), Harinam Sankirtan, book distribution and other community outreach programs. Many visitors, new and old have stopped by to relish our wonderful spiritual programs. I personally feel very inspired by the dedication, devotion and amazing service mood of all the devotees both living in the temple and the community at large.

The formula that is being applied is bearing enormous results: devotees here are happy. Bhagavatam is being honored, donations of bhoga, books and Laksmi are pouring in, kirtans are explosive.

How You can Participate:
Cook in our Prasadm business, Distribute books and Prasadam on the Venice Beach Boardwalk (3 streets from the temple) while doing Hari Nam Samkirtan, do puja, Kirtans at Yoga studios, and Bhakti Yoga Club at UCLA.




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