domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

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Dear devotees around the world.


Please receive our humble dandavat pranams while remembering and attempting to glorify our dear most Srila Gurudeva and our glorious guru varga that he represents and embodies.


All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!


We are most happy to announce the arrival of a newly launched internet news portal for the benefit of the devotees who wish to be informed of the news, views and events surrounding our Gurudeva’s mission, his legacy and his person.


While this is a small attempt by an even more insignificant would-be servant, it has great potential to becoming yet another source of inspiration and information if you want it to be. Your comments, feedback, suggestions, corrections, your heartfelt love and affection, and your good wishes are the key ingredients in it being so.


Back to Bhakti is aimed at bringing you up to date on Srila Gurudeva’s preaching tours and travels, his health (by Sriman Brajanath prabhu), articles from several contributing preachers (find out how to become one) and featured Seva Teams and their projects across the globe. We do encourage anyone to submit your articles and ideas for inclusion, too.


Naturally, we won’t avoid any sticky topics in this age of controversy in order to rebuttal the false propagandas against the agents of Truth; be it the mundane scientists trying to deny the existence of God, or the so-called religionists who question the mystic powers of a pure devotee of the Lord.


Now, please go and see for yourself. Click here to visit the site and don’t forget to subscribe to our daily devotion email updates!


Aspiring to become the servant of Sri Hari, Guru & the Vaisnavas.

Yours, Raghava Pandit das


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